Take first step “Martin Luthor Sr”

Take first step u dont have to see whole stair case

This quote tells you should know the next 200 ft of whats goin on in your life .You dont have to say

What will happen in next 200 some fuckin years

You just have to get through today with a vision of what you will do tomorrow and life will unfold it self .Never be afraid to take the first step.Remember Thomas Edison guy who created the bulb dude failed for like 1000 times .But hey he took the first step if he didn’t know he will create something after 1000 tries but he did it  mad respect to him .So never hesitate to take the first step . i have some people i know that just didn’t let their kids study medical because they thought they wont get enough marks or fail the medical test.If your interested in something take the first step work hard .You will get it and even you dont. Their will always be something else Always



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