Check yo self before you wreck yo self “ICE CUBE”

Taken from Ice cubes Song .A very simple lesson

Ask your mind a few questions

Do you know what your getting yourself in to

Remember when your playing games and your final exams or on dead lines.if you fail can u afford the loss ? Can u afford to stand infront of your parents looking like failure when they entrusted you that you wont let them down .You wasted their money on a semester that u didnt study and failed 5 out of 6 subjects .Fuck no one cant afford that

or you have a project that could cost you  ur job if not completed on time can you afford being broke obviously not .So remember my friend always know the consequences .What will happen if you dont check your self .You can act all brave but never and i mean never bet more then you can afford to loose.You cant afford being unemployed or letting your parents down .Thats it fellas Peace


When you visualize you materialize “Dr Denis”

This quote is taken from Secret Documentary

Dr Denis explains that when you visualize yourself doing something.In the end it happens .Remember when you wanted something and then circumstances arose that you got that thing .Their is nothing wrong then seeing yourself in your mind as a CEO of an organization ,Getting your dream job ,You see let me share you a personal story.I am a huge gamer but with studies and everything i never updated my PC for latest games .One day i wanted to play GTA5 for people who dont know this game requires a heavy laptop or pc .Its not like i couldn’t afford a High Spec laptop .But at the time it looked extravagant to buy a laptop just for games and movies so i discarded that thought

Some years passed and then one day my Uncle was coming from abroad and he bought me a Laptop as a gift because i got admission in University.I was about to ask my parents to get me a new laptop at that moment but it appeared. I visualize playing GTA5 3 years ago and skip the time delay hey i got it .Now am writing this blog using my lovely laptop ❤

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Its not that i am saying just day dream and you will get it .If you want a job you have to work your ass off  with the determination that someday you ll get it.Whatever your goal is you have to visualize am gonna do it am going to get it along with hardwork .Trust me one day you will look back and say damn that wasn’t hard :).

Never underestimate yourself Peace

Even the sturdiest of Walls have a weakness “Itachi Uchiha”

Taken from Naruto Anime .In these precise but deep words their lies a meaning that

No one is unbeatable

.Their are holes even in sturdiest of walls .Their are many examples you can take from your own life .See the student who is good in Mathematics but he doesn’t know what is the product of reaction between sulphuric acid and water .No one is all rounder we all have our weaknesses in someway .You ll be good in something but bad in some other .Think of someone in your opinion is perfect is he an Astronaut or the brightest student in your class.He may be good in studies but their would be something that he is weak in .You may not know it but that person knows whats the thing they are terrible at and that my friend is hole in sturdiest wall .Seen or Unseen it exists believe it or not Peace

We have nothing left “Lagertha”

This quote is from first Season of Vikings when Lagertha says

Lagertha: Our farm is burned our livestock is dead .We have nothing left

Floki:  Your alive your children are alive you have everything left

It teaches you a very important lesson in human life materialistic things are not everything .Your car ,bank account,large house they may make you happy and blessed but always remember one thing.Its the people in your life who make you look up to another day to live give you a reason to breathe .So whenever your feeling down or broke or hit rock bottom .Remember their is someone you have a mother ,father,sibling .God .And even if your mind is to clouded always remember  this

      I am not alone i have my self

Never underestimate yourself  Peace

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Devil of Miss Prym
For almost fifteen years, old Berta had spent everyday sitting outside, watching over the little village Viscos, talking with her deceased husband. She is waiting for the devil to come, as her husband predicted. One day a stranger appears with the intention of staying one week in the village.

In the woods he buries 11 bars of gold. On the way back he meets Chantal Prym, a young and beautiful barmaid, who is bored of the idyllic scenery and slow pace of life. Regularly she seduces tourists in the hope that one of them will prove to be her escape route. The stranger shows her the buried treasure and promises that it will belong to the villagers if they agree to kill someone.
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40 Rules of Love
Şafak’s novel The Forty Rules of Love focused on love in the light of Rumi and Shams of Tabriz. It sold more than 750,000 copies, becoming an all-time bestseller in Turkey and in France was awarded a Prix ALEF* – Mention Spéciale Littérature Etrangére. It was also nominated for the 2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.Her next novel Honour focused on an honour killing story, opening up a vivid debate about family, love, freedom, redemption and the construct of masculinity. It was nominated for the 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize and Women’s Prize for Fiction, 2013.

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The Winner Stands Alone

It is a novel by Paulo Coelho, first published in 2008. The book was first published in Portuguese under the title O Vencedor está Só. It is the thirteenth major book by Coelho. The book is roughly based upon the growing rise of what the author calls The Superclass.[1]

Winner stands alone

Adultery is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. It is the sixteenth major book by Coelho, and touches on the theme of adultery. Adultery was written in Coelho’s native language, Portuguese. The Portuguese edition was released on April 10th, 2014. The (American) English edition is published by Knopf and along with the Spanish edition was published on August 19, 2014.

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Their is no one more blind then the one who dont want to see “Linda”

This quote is taken from the Paulo Coulho Book Adultery the main chracter Linda says it during a conversation with his husband

Their are times when you are in a situation that you have to do something .Remember that person who started to ignore you and you did your best to get that person back but that one particular person has moved on .You have eyes but your acting blind giving your precious time and attention to some one who doesnt give a dusty F on what you do for them .Stop being blind and letting people roll over you .Stop wasting energy on people who bring negativity in your world .Dont be blind that you reach a place where their is misery and you know how you can do that by accepting things as they are some one turned back on you do the same and keep moving Peace