Check yo self before you wreck yo self “ICE CUBE”

Taken from Ice cubes Song .A very simple lesson

Ask your mind a few questions

Do you know what your getting yourself in to

Remember when your playing games and your final exams or on dead lines.if you fail can u afford the loss ? Can u afford to stand infront of your parents looking like failure when they entrusted you that you wont let them down .You wasted their money on a semester that u didnt study and failed 5 out of 6 subjects .Fuck no one cant afford that

or you have a project that could cost you  ur job if not completed on time can you afford being broke obviously not .So remember my friend always know the consequences .What will happen if you dont check your self .You can act all brave but never and i mean never bet more then you can afford to loose.You cant afford being unemployed or letting your parents down .Thats it fellas Peace



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