Even the sturdiest of Walls have a weakness “Itachi Uchiha”

Taken from Naruto Anime .In these precise but deep words their lies a meaning that

No one is unbeatable

.Their are holes even in sturdiest of walls .Their are many examples you can take from your own life .See the student who is good in Mathematics but he doesn’t know what is the product of reaction between sulphuric acid and water .No one is all rounder we all have our weaknesses in someway .You ll be good in something but bad in some other .Think of someone in your opinion is perfect is he an Astronaut or the brightest student in your class.He may be good in studies but their would be something that he is weak in .You may not know it but that person knows whats the thing they are terrible at and that my friend is hole in sturdiest wall .Seen or Unseen it exists believe it or not Peace


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