When you visualize you materialize “Dr Denis”

This quote is taken from Secret Documentary

Dr Denis explains that when you visualize yourself doing something.In the end it happens .Remember when you wanted something and then circumstances arose that you got that thing .Their is nothing wrong then seeing yourself in your mind as a CEO of an organization ,Getting your dream job ,You see let me share you a personal story.I am a huge gamer but with studies and everything i never updated my PC for latest games .One day i wanted to play GTA5 for people who dont know this game requires a heavy laptop or pc .Its not like i couldn’t afford a High Spec laptop .But at the time it looked extravagant to buy a laptop just for games and movies so i discarded that thought

Some years passed and then one day my Uncle was coming from abroad and he bought me a Laptop as a gift because i got admission in University.I was about to ask my parents to get me a new laptop at that moment but it appeared. I visualize playing GTA5 3 years ago and skip the time delay hey i got it .Now am writing this blog using my lovely laptop ❤

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Its not that i am saying just day dream and you will get it .If you want a job you have to work your ass off  with the determination that someday you ll get it.Whatever your goal is you have to visualize am gonna do it am going to get it along with hardwork .Trust me one day you will look back and say damn that wasn’t hard :).

Never underestimate yourself Peace


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