It breaks my heart “Wayne Unser”

Taken from Sons of Anarchy Wayne Unser says

It breaks my heart that you become something you thought you will never become

.Well its true think of what you were 10 years ago or 5 years ago and then look at your current self .You thought you would never make some specific mistakes and you did .You thought smoking is hazardous for health and 10 years later your an addicted chain smoker who cant even think straight without narcotics.Or you started doing something that you never imagined you would do in your lifetime .See and then you sit thinking where did i go wrong .Well my friend take one step in wrong direction and before you know it ur in neck deep in that shit you created for your own self .Thats what wayne Unser said after he was in despair he was a sheriff never thought he could be bribed but .Lust for money was greater then his self righteousness thats it Folks Peace


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