Take a heart little one “Anakin Skywalker”

Taken from the Star Wars The Clone Wars Series .When Anakins student suffered a loss he comforts his apprentice with

Take a heart little one

These 5 words they may be random to you like dafuq was he talking .Take a heart little one means looking at the bigger picture .Remember when your grandparents died and every one was crying .They all suffered the loss of close one passing away from this world.That person may be missed or not but you cant just quit life that your grand parents died you have to move on to that sorrow and grief with the picture that they are in better place  .You have to look at the bigger picture that they lived enough in this world and they were sick and  suffering in this world with all the medicines and doctor appointments and may be they were tired of living after a certain time .You get tired of living well i dont know yet am just 20 🙂 but still .So whenever you suffer a loss hey its not end of this world .Whether its the death of a close one or you failed the exam you studied for hard but it has happened and their is nothing  you can do to change that but you can do one thing is .Take a heart and accept what has happened for that would be the only way you could live in Peace


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