Their is nothing more greater “Spartacus”

The last Episode of Spartacus .These were his last words before dying

Their is nothing more greater then falling from this World as free man

Spartacus was a slave kept to fight for entertainement of people .He was forced to kill people for the joy and pleasure of people of Capua a city in Roman Empire now in Italy.

These words shine light on how important independence is .My Country is Pakistan and it became independent on 1947.We may been having different problems in our Country but to wake every morning as a free man is a blessing of Almighty that he bestowed upon us.

You see in ancient times when you were a slave.your master could kill you and your life was worthless .A person would be just a property that could be treated in anyway or killed with out any safety from Law. Even in 21st Century their are states that are under conflict and their people cant live their live freely .Minorities in some countries suffer that they cant perform their prayers or celebrate their festivals .So If your reading this and your a free man who has a roof on his head .Parents that love you to death and something to eat for 3 times a day then stop right their and say Shukar alhamdulillah(Allah gave me the best.)

And just be happy to be alive and to be a Free Human



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