Whats the point “Stefan Salvatore”

Taken from Vampire Diaries words of Stefan Salvatore

Whats the point in being good

Have you ever had a thought that you’ve been doing good for so long granting people favors like chocolate candies for  free  and then their a time comes when you need those favors returned and next thing you know they turn back on you .And you start to question like is that how i get paid back for the things i have done for those egoistical pieces of crap .Well my friend yep Welcome to Planet Earth no wonder why Aliens don’t visit us :*

Yes gentlemen then you ask yourself whats the point in being good when all you get is get screwed in payback .Hey you would be thinking Doing good means not expecting something in back

Do you really believe that BS and even you do.Lets lend that person 10k from your salary and when you need them they are like dude 10k is a lot of money i don’t have it  YET.Well boy if you couldn’t return it then dafuq you would ask for it .See humans with their broken promises and petty lies .Hey don’t make that ironic face i know you have many disagreements with .But wait right their and think of a person who  used you because you were to blind in that Being Good  Attitude and  you suffered at the end badly getting that feeling  thats right feel it  thats what Stefan Felt when he said that Peace




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