Making the same mistake again “E-COM Teacher”

No idea who said it first time but heard it from my E-COM teacher

Making the same mistake again is blunder

We all make mistakes that’s what make us humans i guess.When i heard my E-COM teacher saying those words i wrote them down just like every other wise thing i heard or read anywhere .

Making the same mistakes can cost you alot .Take an example of a  person who always promise himself that he will study today but never fulfill it and then when the result comes with that F and F means Fail doesn’t matter Fail and Fucked both look pretty good side by side .Or your doing something you shouldn’t have done in the first place but you ve done it and even the amount of chaos that happened in your life due to that first mistake your doing it again Folks that’s what blunder is knowing that your digging your own grave of suffering .Now why on Earth would someone do something that he had done in the past and got kicked in stomach due to that mistake because their are two organs that make you do things Heart and Brain.Before your about to do something ridiculous or in this case making a mistake .Your brain counts all kinds of consequences what will happen and blah blah and for a second you stop and say i shouldn’t do it and then comes the Heart with just 3 words for brain .Fuck the logic you fell again and again in an infinite cycle of stupidity because instead of learning from your mistakes .Your heart thinks its a movie maybe you ve watched to much Cindrella and your like  this time it will be different No ITS NOT A DAMN movie and in reality when someone fails or   breaks you or teach you a lesson instead of going back to them .Learn the lesson accept the mistake thank the circumstances you learned something new and live in Peace


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