When a human die “Bernard Shaw”

Read it somewhere from a book owned by my Father .Bernard shaw says

When a human die from inside after it that human part never come back

Couldn’t understand it at first when i read it myself .What was he talking and how could someone die even the person is living .Its about sorrow and people who ingest to much of sorrow that they either become psychopaths or am just kidding dont take it seriously :).You can relate to it like that lets think of a very important person that comes in to your mind right now .What if one day that person leaves you or pass away .The part of you that adore this person will also die because you wont see that particular person anymore and your life wont be the same like it was with that particular person.Humans are designed that way that they create attachments and when the attachments break off they tried their best to FIX EVERYTHING and then they failed utterly and become angry  and then their anger turns to hate and then hate turns to silence treatment and after a while you forget about that person and after awhile whenever you hear the name of a person the person who made your eyes sparkle 5 years ago or 15 years ago that just doesn’t matter anymore maybe your heart skips a beat or you go down a memory lane after hearing a certain name but  that part of you is gone dead .That is the part that Bernard Shaw talks about .The dead part of your alive human body


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