When air supply is limited “ECA Teacher”

My first few weeks in University .Learned many things from this specific Teacher a person who would not make hard ass exams but just test our concepts his method of teaching was unique and he created his own way to apply KVL and KCL haha .If you dont know what that is leave it for the better :).He once said and i quote

When air supply becomes limited at the end you start to choke

Well like always your mind would be trying to figure out now whats that suppose to mean .Actually their was this student in our class a senior repeater student who wasn’t doing very good in his class and one day. Our teacher wasn’t in very good mood and he said those words .You wear these expensive clothes and eat the best food but what have you achieved thats your fathers money that your relying on and make no mistake he is human and one day when he ll be gone and his fortune will be gone and you will be 40+ something and .You didnt gave time to study that your father wanted you to do he invested on you so you become someone who could support his family like your father supported his family And if you dont want to study tell your father what you want to do Business ,Go abroad work their before its to late .Because when times up you will feel the choke like the air you ve been using is gone and that day you will realize.When air supply is limited at the end you start to choke

He said it in much more briefly and i translated what he said what he wanted to said .I found it very real and maybe you also found it real still May Allah bless our parents and they see us succeed Amen to that Peace