Lost things “John Locke”

This quote is taken from LOST TV-Series .John Locke was my fav character an old man who never gave up

Lost things only get found when you stop looking for them

Those words were so true to me that never felt someone say somethin so real when i first started to watch the show .Have you ever lost something your car keys your book a pen your toys or glasses anything and when you wanted to find that particular thing you never succeeded  it was like that thing doesn’t want to be found anymore and then time passes you forget about that thing you lose and one day your clearing your room going through your old things and bam you find an old diary ,toys ,book or anything that you lost maybe years or weeks ago and its like how could this thing came here and why on earth am i finding it now John locke had this theory when he lose things he would stop looking for them of course he would try at first that may be he ll find it but when he wont find them .He just stops right their and say well that thing will come back to me sooner or later and if it wont screw that i dont have enough time to waste on something that doesnt want to be found and one day that thing appears like a text from your Ex  or worse an awkward Phone call 🙂 haha out of no where .And  then you dont need it anymore huh Lost Things anyways have a good one Peace

Those fake songs and stories “Damon Salvatore”

The quote is taken from Vampire Diaries by Damon Salvatore he says

Those fake songs and stories and characters dont idolize them

You may think this is wrong i also found it very hard to believe we learn manny things from characters and stories and songs they are the words unsaid that we hear from other persons mouth who describe our situation ever heard a sad song that totally related to you at the moment or a joyfull song .Damon didnt say you cant learn anything from songs stories and characters .What he meant was you cannot idolize them .You ve seen may be a gazillion movies with same happy endings .Where the movie ends everything is in place people get what they want good defeats bad ,Guy gets the girl

Huh right but you cant take that concept in real life scenarios ever saw news when some people couldn’t get a job because they were on merit but a son of wealthy influential person got that job because his father bribed the official .Ever saw someone get away with murder millions of people get killed and many of the killers are roaming free because no one found what they did see long story short life is not a fucking movie neither we are movie characters .Good things happen in real world but not always you wont always get what you want in your life .And if your movieholic with little sense of real world you would be like but but it happen in that movie damn son you need to taste real life a bit mote i think if you lived 20 years on Earth you know what real life tastes like A glass of liquid with taste sometimes sweet sometimes sour but you keep drinking it in with different flavors of same liquid and one day the liquid runs out and your times up  haha damn i am a poet anyways watch movies listen to songs learn from them Idolize not so much hope you get something from it Have a good one Peace

We forge our own “Doctore Oenamus”

Taken from Spartacus Oenamaus was a Gladiator Trainer he once said

We forge our own paths nothing is impossible when heart and minds are put on it

He was an optimistic person when you plan on doing something you wont be able to achieve that particular goal if you don’t put your mind and heart on it .Yes gentlemen you read that right put your mind and heart out you would be thinking that’s ridiculous how could someone put his mind and heart out .Well lets break it up for you dumb people am jus kiddin .Putting your heart and mind is a proverb mean giving your everything to achieve that goal .If you have to succeed in an exam you may have to study extra for like 3am or somethin what your doing is your sacrificing your sleep over you goal for the greater good.You see those shiny products iphone or windows or a processor of Intel they werent created overnight those  people worked their assess off to invent those things and then you look at them saying they are filthy rich .They worked for being filthy rich and they deserved it .They may have sacrificied manny things  .When i have large amount of work .I always try my best to succeed in it even it means sacrificing your sleep .You can sleep all day when you achieved something on weekends obviously when you achieve something the responsibilities increase haha pretty tiresome right.Anyways never say anything is possible if you give it time and work on it trus me .You and only You can forge your own path so make sure you control the construction of your path and get your goals Have a good one Peace

Man should accept “Lentulus Batiatus”

Taken from Spartacus Lentulus Batiatus was a resourcefull Roman Civilian .He owned a Gladiator School in Capua Rome now Italy .He used to motivate his fighters who didn’t want to fight in arena with those words as a threat

Men should accept its fate or get destroyed by it

Fate what do we call fate as humans Easy the things you cant control that’s fate .When something you don’t get that you have the utter desire to get and you just cant .Then to question Why i didn’t get it .You just simply put it like that Maybe it wasn’t in my fate to do that See Humans right ?.Of course  its easy that way you don’t have to keep questioning where did i go wrong take an example .If your born in a poor family you don’t know the reason that why your born in poor family or Why you weren’t born in that specific place or why you didn’t get that particular thing .See those WHYS   

I think no human could answer those WHYS but that’s how it is Batiatus said it accept it. If you don’t get that thing accept it if someone close to you pass away just accept it put a label of fate on it and you wont suffer and if you start questioning Why things happened the way they happen .You will be questioning for the rest of your life so mate hope you got something of use here.Sometimes ignorance is bliss have a good one Peace