Lost things “John Locke”

This quote is taken from LOST TV-Series .John Locke was my fav character an old man who never gave up

Lost things only get found when you stop looking for them

Those words were so true to me that never felt someone say somethin so real when i first started to watch the show .Have you ever lost something your car keys your book a pen your toys or glasses anything and when you wanted to find that particular thing you never succeeded  it was like that thing doesn’t want to be found anymore and then time passes you forget about that thing you lose and one day your clearing your room going through your old things and bam you find an old diary ,toys ,book or anything that you lost maybe years or weeks ago and its like how could this thing came here and why on earth am i finding it now John locke had this theory when he lose things he would stop looking for them of course he would try at first that may be he ll find it but when he wont find them .He just stops right their and say well that thing will come back to me sooner or later and if it wont screw that i dont have enough time to waste on something that doesnt want to be found and one day that thing appears like a text from your Ex  or worse an awkward Phone call 🙂 haha out of no where .And  then you dont need it anymore huh Lost Things anyways have a good one Peace


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