Man should accept “Lentulus Batiatus”

Taken from Spartacus Lentulus Batiatus was a resourcefull Roman Civilian .He owned a Gladiator School in Capua Rome now Italy .He used to motivate his fighters who didn’t want to fight in arena with those words as a threat

Men should accept its fate or get destroyed by it

Fate what do we call fate as humans Easy the things you cant control that’s fate .When something you don’t get that you have the utter desire to get and you just cant .Then to question Why i didn’t get it .You just simply put it like that Maybe it wasn’t in my fate to do that See Humans right ?.Of course  its easy that way you don’t have to keep questioning where did i go wrong take an example .If your born in a poor family you don’t know the reason that why your born in poor family or Why you weren’t born in that specific place or why you didn’t get that particular thing .See those WHYS   

I think no human could answer those WHYS but that’s how it is Batiatus said it accept it. If you don’t get that thing accept it if someone close to you pass away just accept it put a label of fate on it and you wont suffer and if you start questioning Why things happened the way they happen .You will be questioning for the rest of your life so mate hope you got something of use here.Sometimes ignorance is bliss have a good one Peace


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