I am not frustrated “John Locke”

taken from lost tv-series John Locke says

I am not frustrated or angry just not lost anymore

John Locke was an old man who suffered alot and i mean alot .He used to react on everything became anger ,frustrated when things didn’t go his way .Its in human nature to become angry ,frustrated when things don’t go as they want them to go .Their are things you cant control and when you start to  realize it your calm and inner peace starts to increase

You don’t give 2 fucks on BS what people said about you who left you who was playing with you .After a certain years you find yourself and you can pinpoint all those fake people who have been dragging you down causing you frustration and anger and bringing all the negativity in your life .When you find that your not lost then you realize not every thing deserves a reaction keep your cool and move on with it you cant change who betrayed you or who was using you .You give them a smile a stare that i know who you are and pass through them Dont be lost with frustrations and anger have a good one Peace.


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