Once you let grief “Ben Linus”

Taken from Lost Benjamin Linus says

Once you let grief become anger it never goes away

It applies in our daily life .See a friend of your who was your bestie and all of a sudden that person is a total stranger your being sad from inside your heart is grieving that why that happened trying to find all the things you did and questioning what you did wrong .Well you didn’t do anything wrong people changes and when they change you start to feel sorrow like what would i do without that person and then you try to change that person asking them all kind of awkward questions that why we aren’t same as we were a week ago an year ago or a decade ago and when things don’t go as planned .You start to become angry and whenever you hear the name of that particular person or a spot you you used to hang around the anger just arises your letting them live in your head long after they are gone .Your angry but you cant do anything and that’s whats bothering you

When you feel like that what you can do to save yourself from this misery is accept the situation that not everything is under control .You can only control yourself and you can do that by picking all the good and bad memories remember the lesson and move on .life isnt meant to spent at one place .Meet people make friends when they change you move on Remember your friends from 8th grade that’s right you don’t because their purpose in your life is over they are gone alive but gone from your life .I take it like that ..The only thing you have after all these years would be you so stop grieving and control your anger Have a good one Peace

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