There are many things “James Sawyer”

Taken from Lost James Sawyer was a Con Man from his experience he said

There are many things given to us in this life as a test choose them and use them  wisely

Have you ever thought why i have these things and why i got those .May be i worked hard for them may be i worked hard and God rewarded me for my Hard working attitude .But their are things given to you as a test take an example of Wealth .Lust for money is an incredible thing its like an addiction heroin or cocaine you always want more and the thirst is just nonhuman that’s called being greedy .But what will you do of that wealth did you help the poor with what you were given or you were to busy putting your money in swiss banks for profit and interest that you forgot about everyone else .

What about knowledge .You had so much knowledge and you didn’t want to teach other kids in your class so they may surpass you .See you were given these gifts not for yourself only but to help others that’s what makes us human keeping others up .So whatever gift you have share it with those who are in need not with those who use you .We all are unique in our own ways with gifts and talents so choose and use them wisely .Who you choose to help always remember who your helping have a good one Peace



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