If you keep worrying “Pitbull”

Deduced from a song of Pitbull Feel this moment

If you keep worrying about future you will never live in the moment

We all have these time of mood swings when we are to happy ,elevated ,high af on cloud 9 .And all of a sudden a sudden imagination shows up in your mind its like your seeing the future but your mind is putting dirty tricks on you lol. Take a moment when your sitting with that special someone and all of a sudden the image comes where will be in next 10 years .Will we still be together .Or During study you get this werid notion when will i get the job .Will i ever get the job or i die unemployed haha .See these were the dirty tricks the brain plays on you and you just sit their visualizing them drowning in your self loath well i suggest get your lazy ass up and do something to prove to yourself that your not an imagination ,You don’t worry about those illogical illusions you see in spare time .Consume every moment of now live in it

Worrying about what will happen after some frackin years should be least of your concerns .Learn,Laugh,Live, till you can .Am not saying don’t plan anything but don’t let the hunger of tomorrow consume you .Its today your living in not in Tomorrow .Its Now you need to cherish my friend so stop worrying whatever is bothering you create a plan to tackle that worrying and be Thankful your alive in this Now


If you fail “SRE”

Heard my SRE Lecturer saying it in class

If you fail after working hard then you didnt work to qualify the basics of that particular subject

Ever failed an exam after working hard and attending all those classes and taking all the notes .That kind of failure is the worst because you think you did your best but in reality you were just cramming lets not say it failure lets call it First Attempt In learning .As humans the less the passionate we are about any particular thing or in this case a particular subject .We just want to pass it because its the requirement of the degree with no interest at all

But lets rewind to the night before exam .If you don’t know the basics and your cramming the formulas with no idea how to implement them your doomed .I have been horrified in math class since forever up-till now  .My buddies used to say where are we going to use The area of triangle the hell is that or Some would say what a BS subject .The only thing we should learn from mathematics is counting so we could count how many kids we would have in future Savage right  🙂 ffs .But no passing in a particular subject is the result of your base .Open book of your favorite subject and ask yourself why i would prefer reading this book then the one that you failed .Because your not passionate enough to learn from whatever the subject is that your not performing well .So bottom line is this along side with working hard what you should do is know the right way to work hard .Now you would be thinking wth is that suppose to mean Right Type of hard work means planning ahead what are you going to study .What are the basic concepts that are required for this certain topic to understand .A wise friend of mine named G-Hacker once said Concepts and Basics my friend thats how you learn .Have a good one Peace