Nothing is sure “I2M”

So we were reading about plans and strategies in Management class and our teacher said

Nothing is sure. Everything in this world is in white waters

Now alot of you reading would be thinking what is white waters and how can everything would be in white waters .White waters mean uncertain .Your life span is uncertain ,Friends are uncertain .You see when we live we have this curiosity of planning like .I would do this and that and then i would be their 2 years later well you can plan all you want but when life unfolds itself your plans don’t seem to matter much and it seems like your not in control .Hey am not saying plans don’t mean shit .Google,Facebook They were created by people who had plans .I am just saying they don’t execute 100% their would be a factor that you either wont acheive a certain thing or get it after a certain time delay

It can happen to anyone of us or maximum humans alive .You were determined to be a doctor or Engineer .When someone asked you after you cleared matriculation .You had no idea what are the things  that you will see after a few years .And when you finish your 12 years of study and your like now is the time to be engineer and you realized your  marks were lesser then merit list of being a Civil Engineer .I always wanted to be a Civil Engineer .The reason was i really was in to construction used to watch Mega Structures and all construction shows on NATGEO before that .I wanted to be a Banker that i had no idea why i wanted to be a Banker 🙂 see i was in white waters and now all the time has passed .I am a student of Software Engineering 4th semester and learned many of things created many projects on my own .But bottom line is this 5 years ago i wouldn’t have known that in 2016 I would be in a University doing Bachelors in SE   .So plan things with error percentages have patience and have a good one Peace


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