You gotta get your head “Stilinski”

Taken from Teen Wolf Stilinski says

You gotta get your heart to catch up your head

A much wise saying from Stiles dad .You know their are these certain moments when their is a difference of opinion between our heart and brain .Ever felt the struggle like you had this important test tomorrow and you felt a little sleepy and then you imagined a conversation inside your head with .I shouldn’t be awake i should sleep fulfill my sleep and then other voice says yeh go to sleep and then tomorrow when you will be sitting in that examination hall with empty brain and nothing to write .Sleep on that empty test .The first voice that tells you to sleep is Heart and the most logical one is always our own natural CPU Brain .You see their are times when you do stupid things because you wanted to that’s when your following your heart .Following your heart brings you joy ,fun and weird experiences but not always my friend contrary to heart .The brain is your real friend if i would say so always waking up your conscience.Telling you what will happen and what wont happen making all the reasons and thinking out of box .But sometimes you have to align your heart with your head .

Ever got in to a situation which you know is not an inch good for you and your head tells you .But that piece of meat inside your ribs just keeps beating on and on saying hey no we should do it .The results are clear so what lets do it .  I read it somewhere its easy to tell something to brain but its easy to accept it in the heart hope you liked it Have a good one

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