You cannot connect the dots “Steve Jobs”

Our Management Maam gave us this assignment about Steve jobs and in that he said

You cant connect the dots looking forward .You can only connect them backwards

Well dots now what a mystery man right ?

former CEO of Apple talking about dots huh

Well lets break it up .Now when you live your not certain about anything or most of the stuff that just happened most of time  your like wow what in blue hell just happened .

Take an example you didn’t get admission in a certain Institute but you got in to another institute and then you took a course and worked on it fast forward 20 years you were master in that field and one day you just sat down and started to connect the dots how did i end up in this office or this certain post

And as you analyze you realize your watching movie of your life backwards remembering all the lessons all the assignments or all the stuff you did .Looking forward it was all random graduating school ,graduating college ,graduating university just graduating but when you reach somewhere and then you look at the past or in tupacs words

Staring at the world from my rear view

Everything just starts to make sense .The people you dropped or the people who dropped you on the way .The decisions you made .Someday it will make sense .If you think am lying just sit back and remember start the reverse button and you ll know everything that happened had its reasons and those reasons are the result of who you are today hope you get it 🙂 Have a good one Peace



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