Who needs a reason “Floki”

Taken from the Vikings second season Floki says

Who needs a reason for betrayal if you accept that you will avoid much disappointment in life

Floki was a person who never expected much from his fellows or anyone else and the fact was he was happier then any other person

Because when you start to expect from others you over expecting from them .You think they are the best people in the world and may be they are but this quote just explains .

You cant think that they are unable to change one day they stop talking to you or stop giving shit about you or start spreading rumors about you .What can you do ? ask them the awkward questions trying to be the good boy solving everything .

Always live with the knowledge whoever your best friend is .I dont care if he is the best thing that happened to you .We wake up with different feelings everyday .Whoever you have in your life besides your parents .They can betray you if they want to betray you the only  variable is what will they gain is it the revenge or an old grudge or your loss .

So as the quote says who needs a reason  when your betrayed would you like to know the reason ?? Why that particular person betrayed you

Of course nothing can suppress humans curiosity you cant just suppress it otherwise you ll go crazy with assumptions and theories that your minds make up saying that person was good and blah blah what happened .Ignorance is a bliss and then you get the reason of betrayal and for months you dive in self loathing thinking .I thought this person was this and he came out like that .Well see drink it in you self loating piece of crap am jus kiddin

.So think twice who you call your friend at the first place have a good one Peace


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