Not everyone needs to feel “Linda “

Taken from a book of Paulo Coelho the main character women named Linda says

Not everyone needs to feel happy all the time. Besides, no one can be happy all the time.

Well it is 100% true .No human can just stay in one constant emotional state  forever .Sooner or later that feeling disappears Good or Bad sorrow or joy .They come and pass like the tides who land at the shore for a small time and then go back to the ocean

Their are times when your on cloud 9 happy af feeling the world is at your feet and their are times when your down in a ditch thinking this is the end .We are programmed that way

With out sorrow we would never be able to know what happiness is .As an average span of human life is 70 yrs .In those years you just keep growing up remembering everything traveling forward in time facing the good and bad .We don’t have to be happy all the time even you say your Mr Happiness their would be an interval where your like man wtf is going on but the thing is keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward .Instead of whining about your problems is what makes you a strong person anyways have a good one PEACE


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