Sin is followed “Linda”

Another thing i read in the the book by paulo coelho

Sin is followed by a fear of being caught.

Well the literal meaning is an act of violating God’s command .Though as their is another saying that i read somewhere none of us are saints we are humans and they are bound to make mistakes

Though sometimes the person gets so away from God that the only thing that particular person is worried is getting caught by fellow humans not by the Almighty above who knows and sees everything . Humans are given choices they can choose the god or bad and they have brain to think and differentiate between the good and the evil

Though a human can always start over and hope to control itself to walk on the straight path lets be honest the world is not just unicorns and butterflies their is a constant battle inside a man who doesn’t control his actions just saying think twice before doing something that makes you suffer in near future have a Good one Peace


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