Their is no justice “Sura”

Taken from Spartacus first season

Their is no justice in this world

Well isn’t that clear humans have been on this planet for like i dont know years 🙂

Their is no justice not in this world .Ever see a person who worked hard  but in job interview but was rejected because someone whose father was on high post job got it why you would be like thats cruel well thats life is  but i personally believe hard work pays off sooner or later but we are talking about justice

We have made these laws and all kind of rules but you see justice can be bought .Ever heard of Pablo Escobar .He caused a scene of chaos in columbia he was a drug dealer and you know he bought justice with money unfortunately he didnt live long  but thats another story

If you have big size of purse well any thing is afford able in this universe .You see injustice in many areas where people are burned alive,oppressed,  well where is the justice in that we humans are our worst enemies greed and envy can numb your sense to a stage that you become nothing less then a wilderbeast running around on the fields of Savannah tbh we dont thrive peace we thrive for chaos and war its in our genetic code  as long as humans exist their would be no peace because we have our own will and our own decision power .If we were programmed to be just peacefull huh 🙂 but with freewill comes the chaos  thats what goes on this planet have a good one Peace

You have to live “Unknown”

No idea who said it or where did i read it but its a good one

You have to live so you can say proper goodbye and leave this planet properly with proper age ,experience sins and good deeds

Well isn’t that magical

Learn to live while you can my friend .Sometimes we are so down or suffered a loss or failed a test or lost someone that we don’t think its worth to continue to live see because we think damn whats the purpose in living we are all just cursed creatures put on this blue hell as an experiment right ?

Well let me tell you something remember what made you sad 10 years ago does it still makes you sad if it does then you need to grow the fuck up your living in the past you ve been their and past is gone in thin air  G-O-N-E  thats how its spelled  and do you know your reading this

YOUR ALIVE isn’t that something to be cheerful about waking up everyday striving for something the normal span is like 70 years 70 years on this planet i guess .So while your in it live,learn,laugh because i think its worth it when you will be sitting in a chair with your grand kids playing around and they ask you what you did when you were bored and you will just smile back and go in a memory lane well i used to play GTA Vice City with my brother or I used to watch whole seasons overnight and at the end of your life you would know its worth it to just Live until the time runs out have a good one peace and make every day count

Dont look for somebody “Vladimir Putin”

Heard in an interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Dont look for somebody to blame if your the one making mistakes

Well how realistic that man is guys got a class i ll give him that

Blaming someone for your actions that pretty pathetic and cowardly u know

Well their are times you have done something and you dont know what to do with it so you just play the blame game he did that or who did it first

Instead what has happened has happened you cant undo whats done life is not a microsoft word file where you undo and redo options when shit hits the roof you got to deal with it their are no shortcuts

So thats what you should do when mistakes are made and your the one who made the mistake whether its the test you failed because you didnt study and put the blame on teacher that he made a difficult test so that i fail .You should look inside and ask did i even open the book

So bottom line is this We all make mistakes lets just put them on back pocket remember the lesson and move on without blaming and hoping we ll try our best to avoid it again have a good one Peace