Dont look for somebody “Vladimir Putin”

Heard in an interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin

Dont look for somebody to blame if your the one making mistakes

Well how realistic that man is guys got a class i ll give him that

Blaming someone for your actions that pretty pathetic and cowardly u know

Well their are times you have done something and you dont know what to do with it so you just play the blame game he did that or who did it first

Instead what has happened has happened you cant undo whats done life is not a microsoft word file where you undo and redo options when shit hits the roof you got to deal with it their are no shortcuts

So thats what you should do when mistakes are made and your the one who made the mistake whether its the test you failed because you didnt study and put the blame on teacher that he made a difficult test so that i fail .You should look inside and ask did i even open the book

So bottom line is this We all make mistakes lets just put them on back pocket remember the lesson and move on without blaming and hoping we ll try our best to avoid it again have a good one Peace



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