Their is no justice “Sura”

Taken from Spartacus first season

Their is no justice in this world

Well isn’t that clear humans have been on this planet for like i dont know years 🙂

Their is no justice not in this world .Ever see a person who worked hard  but in job interview but was rejected because someone whose father was on high post job got it why you would be like thats cruel well thats life is  but i personally believe hard work pays off sooner or later but we are talking about justice

We have made these laws and all kind of rules but you see justice can be bought .Ever heard of Pablo Escobar .He caused a scene of chaos in columbia he was a drug dealer and you know he bought justice with money unfortunately he didnt live long  but thats another story

If you have big size of purse well any thing is afford able in this universe .You see injustice in many areas where people are burned alive,oppressed,  well where is the justice in that we humans are our worst enemies greed and envy can numb your sense to a stage that you become nothing less then a wilderbeast running around on the fields of Savannah tbh we dont thrive peace we thrive for chaos and war its in our genetic code  as long as humans exist their would be no peace because we have our own will and our own decision power .If we were programmed to be just peacefull huh 🙂 but with freewill comes the chaos  thats what goes on this planet have a good one Peace

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