You have to live “Unknown”

No idea who said it or where did i read it but its a good one

You have to live so you can say proper goodbye and leave this planet properly with proper age ,experience sins and good deeds

Well isn’t that magical

Learn to live while you can my friend .Sometimes we are so down or suffered a loss or failed a test or lost someone that we don’t think its worth to continue to live see because we think damn whats the purpose in living we are all just cursed creatures put on this blue hell as an experiment right ?

Well let me tell you something remember what made you sad 10 years ago does it still makes you sad if it does then you need to grow the fuck up your living in the past you ve been their and past is gone in thin air  G-O-N-E  thats how its spelled  and do you know your reading this

YOUR ALIVE isn’t that something to be cheerful about waking up everyday striving for something the normal span is like 70 years 70 years on this planet i guess .So while your in it live,learn,laugh because i think its worth it when you will be sitting in a chair with your grand kids playing around and they ask you what you did when you were bored and you will just smile back and go in a memory lane well i used to play GTA Vice City with my brother or I used to watch whole seasons overnight and at the end of your life you would know its worth it to just Live until the time runs out have a good one peace and make every day count


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