Believe me “Rollo Lothbrok”

Taken from Vikings a conversation between BJorn and his uncle Rollo Lothbrok he says

Believe me those feelings are waste of time

What feelings that the Rollo Lothbrok talks about the feelings that make you inferior to other

Envy ,Jealousy,Grudge ,Greed

Those all feelings will make you a materialistic object ENVY always wanting what others have and you will never have peace JEALOUSY always complaining why you dont have what others have GRUDGE remembering  something that someone did to you long after its been done ,GREED looking for more that you never satisfied with what you have

When you live in one of those states above you don’t know but your wasting your time on something that you may never achieve and your causing unrest  to your soul and your body

Not every wish comes true my friend so where ever you are work hard believe what you work and hope for the best prepare for the worst thats how you should live have a good one Peace


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