Purpose comes before feelings “Anakin Skywalker”

Taken from the 5th season of Star Wars The Clone wars during the rebels attack Anakin says

Purpose comes before feelings

Thats the Universal truth to succeed in something to achieve a purpose you have to put the feelings in the backpocket and co-op with the situations ever got in a group project where you don’t give a dusty F about others but  you have to co-op with them because the results depend on how you work together that should be the motive

Or your feeling sleepy because your tired but you also have an important exam the next day so what you should do is put purpose infront of sleep .You can sleep after exams or when you succeed you ve been sleeping your whole life for once do something that when the result will come you will say well am jus reaping the seeds i sowed jus like that

So always remember you have a goal i suppose and if you do have a  goal  the distractions and feelings are just to test you keep working and have a good one Peace


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