I have been deceived “Ragnar Lothbrok”

Taken from Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok was a Norsemen an illiterate person with an active mind

I have been deceived many times but magic was not cause of it

This is very same as blaming something to others its common is rural areas of southern Asia when something is going wrong or people are constantly suffering losses they immediately say we have been victimized by Black magic wtf

I dont believe it because its 21st Century its not stone age anymore .Things happen for a reason and if you think that you failed a test because someone did magic on you well you Sir living in wrong time go back to 1300s where ignorant ppl like you belong .Their is a reason behind everything and if you get deceived by someone its not like they are under magic

They have their motives for betraying you money ,revenge,an old grudge that’s what ragnar said people do things which benefit them and if that means deceiving someone so be it so NO MAGIC ffs have a good one Peace

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