Their is first time “Rollo Lothbrok”

Taken from Vikings Rollo Lothbrok says

Their is first time to everything

Well how real it is years ago you didn’t know how to install new os on your pc and now your master in it its like usual stuff for you see you did it for the first time saw someone or someone helped you but the end result is u got hold on it after a while

Well the quote pretty much says that you don’t have to fear something that you want to do for the first time ride a bicycle or a motorbike any kind of driving preparing for an exam failing an exam we all do things for first time and then we get addicted to some or refrain from some things depending on the result of that first time  now the thing is one should be conscious about what they are doing for the first time smoking a blunt of marijuana or snorting cocaine for first time those kind of activities will cause damage to you and people around you .Don’t fear to try something new but the condition is if you know that thing is immoral illegal you better not try it  keep trying and have a good one Peace

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