Dont make promises “Charlie Harper”

Taken from two and a half men Charlie harper says

Dont make promises you dont intend to keep and you know how can you do that my not making promises

Huh tricky yeh well its in our nature to please others and need of approval well charlie was one cold hearted lad true words

Their are times when someone asks you of a favor that you cant turn down because you have this good relation with them a good friend and when they ask you of something you jus nod and yes sir no problem it will be done in no time you see their your going wrong you havent analyzed what they asked you for is it some assignment you have to do for them or lend them money in both cases if you cannot afford to lend them money or cant afford to do their assignment because you have something important to do dont promise them a big NO is a good thing to do that would be hard for them but atleast they ll know you were being honest its simple as that

If you cannot afford to do something for someone dont give them hope with a promise and you can do that my not making an ridiculous promise that you know are going to break and give them a NO if they are mature enough they will handle the NO otherwise not your lost

Have a good one Peace


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