Their is nothing bad “Faith”

Taken from 6th Season of Californication

Their is nothing bad in taking a holiday from life

Well what is life we all have different definitions of life

The daily routine cycle of work we do for our survival thats called life .for example when your student you go to institute take classes chat with friends study thats your phase of life as a student when you become a parent the phase of life advances to another level as now if your a father you have to work somewhere to provide for a family until your kids either join you in your business or start walking on their field of line this is the general life that most of humans live in 21st Century atleast it life in Southern Asia

So what Faith said was their is nothing wrong with taking a pause from your workaholic routine once in a while and do something unusual go outside with friends or family have a good meal go to different places inhale the air and thank the God that your alive in that particular moment and your healthy do something out of the loop once in a while to enjoy life while you still can  have a good one and Peace

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