It is good to travel “Ragnar Lothbrok”

Taken from the Season 3 Ragnar Lothbrok says

It is good to travel with hope and courage but its better to travel with KNOWLEDGE

For savages like Vikings it was still known that many of them were strategists that used to attack opponents .Analyzed their opponents Ragnar was one of them

While most of the people don’t use brain the thing is when your getting  your self in to something you should have at least the knowledge what your getting your self in to .Saying that your going in Army serving the country being a patriot you should also know getting yourself in Army also means a bullet hanging just an inch away from you.Its same as choosing a course to study in which your not interested at all but you just wanted to get in University so you just chose some random course in which your name came up on merit list and when you graduated from whatever BS Art drawing course you did in University the only thing you are eligible for is God Knows Better

Hey am not saying you can predict where you will land in future but you can at least use a part of a brain to analyze what your going to do with your life just know something .Courage is good hope is good but knowledge of facts should also be taken account before taking a decision for example if your bad in mathematics and good in Science you should choose a field that you have interest in instead of something that you have no interest in studying so have a hope be courageous but have KNOWLEDGE

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