Now will be just a memory “The Boy”

Taken from the Paulo Coelho Book The Alchemist

Now will be just a memory tomorrow, but now is present and you must learn to cheer now

Paulos Books are amazing and deep here the main character says some deep words that most of ppl are living in past but they forget that past was  once called NOW. Do you know the definition of past

The usual routines of yourself that change with age but are saved in some part of your brain that triggers automatically

Ever headed back  memory lane when you visited your old school,The place you grew up, the place where you used to hang put with friends the place where you have incredible memories yes we all just loose ourselves when we go to an old place and the minds removes the dust saying Remember when you were in 6 grade  oh the good ol days but you have to remember something

Just because you miss the past doesnt mean you have to live in it YOUR LIVING IN NOW  PRESENT HERE RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT YOUR READING THIS YOUR LIVING IN NOW and that now would tomorrow be past just like any other day you live in so you must learn to cheer now  have a good one and PEACE

Why hold on “Kate Austen”

Taken from the Lost Series

Why hold on to something that makes you sad

How logical that statement sounds but humans are somehow incapable of doing that its like saying why you smoke even knowing you will eventually have a lung cancer damaging your respiratory system but No lets keep smoking and i overheard someone saying or i think read on internet that smoke wateva da hell you want  .We are all going to die and my reaction was YEHHH but atleast my lungs would not be like black charcoal boiled with punctures in them HUMANS right

Whenever you fail in something the sadness is always  in greater proportions then the happiness but you are the one who is overreacting on a situation that wont even mean in next month or in next year dont hold on to things that make you sad make peace with them even its not easy but its better then keep thinking about something sad so before getting all emotional over some petty issue ask yourself is it even worth my attention to spend my emotions on some test marks see be logical and have a good one PEACE

Findings things “Jax Teller”

Taken from Sons of Anarchy Jax says

Findings things that make you happy shouldn’t be hard

What is human happiness smile on your Mothers face when she sees you ,A fathers advice ,Those random moments with your siblings when you just enjoy each other company and have quality talk their are many forms of happiness Jax just wanted to say

Their is hidden happiness in everything in this world you just have to be brave enough  to see it even when it seems vague and your feeling down when the sands of time would be released and you will look back at the time you spent doing things you loved you would smile back on your past .Never for a second doubt yourself find things that make you happy

You probably have many things to be happy right now you just dont see it .Do you get food 3 times a day .Your have loving parents and amazing siblings and when you sleep you have a roof on your head see when you start counting their are countless things you should be happy about so have a good one and PEACE

A perfect person “Sherlock”

Taken from the English series of SHERLOCK definition of perfect person

A perfect person is a good observer with mouth shut ,open mind and always roaming in limits

Always precise and yet very direct thats sherlock everyone .Whats describe  above is very core of person who is perfect  ,The trails of perfection are absolute observing their are people around us who are good observers who remember every detail of something that happened , mostly they dont speak or give opinions as they know people around them dont have the mentality to either hear what they say or they  or they think its not appropriate to let them know what we are thinking

Open mind being open to suggestions if someone corrects you accept it with open mind rather then getting in an argue over something your only doing because of your ego when your wrong accept it

Always be in limits you dont have to cross the limits with someone you barely know so thats how a perfect person is defined by Sherlock have a good one and PEACE

We all cant be “Damien Pope”

Taken from the Sons Of Anarchy

We all cant be all things

Well what a straight universal rule as a human we all have this envy and jealousy of what others have or what others status are as compared to you  now as for people with low self esteem aka lazy asses who dont have anything better to do in their life then whine about how bad their life is or to say MAN I WISH I WAS RICH OR MAN I WISH I COULD PASS THE EXAMS  you see the wishes in the sentences

Well If one could just got through exams or get rich through wishes wouldnt we all be millionaires by now  .Their would be always something you are not good at and some other person would be better then you in something  .Well in simple you cant be everything their would be kids in your class that would be amazing programmers but may not be very good in science subjects so whatever your talent is focus on it work hard and you can make your wishes true someone said their is no shortcut to success  have a good one and PEACE

Do your part “Kakashi”

Taken from the Naruto

Do your part and have faith

A very bitter reality of life and human nature that is control trying to control everything and anything around you that is not how life unfolds itself .You have to do your part if its an exam and you have done your part that is worked hard gave time to every subject then you would succeed if you havent then your doomed

But sometimes after doing so much you dont get the results you expected Why that happened why you didnt get what you wanted even you did your part instead of assuming the answers of all these whys you should sit down drink a glass of water hydrate yourself and move on whats done is done no matter the reason always do your part and leave the rest to faith if its meant to be it would happen if it wont happen then it was not supposed to happen

Stop draining energy on assumptions instead do something creative with time you have left in this world and make it worthwhile have a good one PEACE