Do your part “Kakashi”

Taken from the Naruto

Do your part and have faith

A very bitter reality of life and human nature that is control trying to control everything and anything around you that is not how life unfolds itself .You have to do your part if its an exam and you have done your part that is worked hard gave time to every subject then you would succeed if you havent then your doomed

But sometimes after doing so much you dont get the results you expected Why that happened why you didnt get what you wanted even you did your part instead of assuming the answers of all these whys you should sit down drink a glass of water hydrate yourself and move on whats done is done no matter the reason always do your part and leave the rest to faith if its meant to be it would happen if it wont happen then it was not supposed to happen

Stop draining energy on assumptions instead do something creative with time you have left in this world and make it worthwhile have a good one PEACE


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