Findings things “Jax Teller”

Taken from Sons of Anarchy Jax says

Findings things that make you happy shouldn’t be hard

What is human happiness smile on your Mothers face when she sees you ,A fathers advice ,Those random moments with your siblings when you just enjoy each other company and have quality talk their are many forms of happiness Jax just wanted to say

Their is hidden happiness in everything in this world you just have to be brave enough  to see it even when it seems vague and your feeling down when the sands of time would be released and you will look back at the time you spent doing things you loved you would smile back on your past .Never for a second doubt yourself find things that make you happy

You probably have many things to be happy right now you just dont see it .Do you get food 3 times a day .Your have loving parents and amazing siblings and when you sleep you have a roof on your head see when you start counting their are countless things you should be happy about so have a good one and PEACE

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