Why hold on “Kate Austen”

Taken from the Lost Series

Why hold on to something that makes you sad

How logical that statement sounds but humans are somehow incapable of doing that its like saying why you smoke even knowing you will eventually have a lung cancer damaging your respiratory system but No lets keep smoking and i overheard someone saying or i think read on internet that smoke wateva da hell you want  .We are all going to die and my reaction was YEHHH but atleast my lungs would not be like black charcoal boiled with punctures in them HUMANS right

Whenever you fail in something the sadness is always  in greater proportions then the happiness but you are the one who is overreacting on a situation that wont even mean in next month or in next year dont hold on to things that make you sad make peace with them even its not easy but its better then keep thinking about something sad so before getting all emotional over some petty issue ask yourself is it even worth my attention to spend my emotions on some test marks see be logical and have a good one PEACE

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