Doesn’t matter “Harry Dean Stanton”

Taken from first Season of Two and Half men

Doesnt matter what your calendar says. Your old as you feel you are

Every life comes with aging process .But the fact how you live up with that aging define how old you are.I saw many elder people who are not that elder but they think they have lived enough their mind gets so week and tired that their own existence seems so old

Ever heard your Grandpa complaining about certain diseases and problems .Well no one stays constant forever thats life a gradual change in your physical form but the thing is .The calendar doesn’t describe your age .You yourself define how old you are .As i read somewhere. I have seen old souls in young bodies and young minds in old bodies .Earth rotation has nothing to do with your age 65 years or whatever the age live everyday to the fullest and hold on to the good memories a date on calendar doesn’t define how old are you .its what you have learned and what you lost and what you gained in a certain time that defines you

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