You cant quit “Charlie Harper”

Taken from Second season of Two and a half men

You cant quit being related to somebody

Well how weird that is its like we are programmed that way .May be you dont have good relations with your relatives,siblings or parents but that doesn’t mean you dont care about them .Their would be times when you have tense relations with many of the people you share blood with and you cut off ties with everyone

But their would be that blood bond thats the same in all your family. Charlie harper in simple words said

You can hate the people who are related to you cut off ties but you can never quit being related to somebody now what does it mean being related to somebody .

People would always remember you as a son of someone ,brother or sister of someone father or mother of someone

You will always have a brother thats related to you even though you dont adore him much thats how it is someday you just sit and think of all the people who are related to you and you cant just say ok today is the day that person is not related to me anymore

Trust is an orchid “Damien Darhk”

Taken from the Arrow

Trust is an orchid beautiful but delicate  requiring ideal conditions in order to thrive. Without them, it dies

Trust sure is a delicate thing requires years to build and when its broken you dont get that back ever

Why because its in our nature when you look up to some one trust them bring them close and spend time .You develop this bond that this person is my real friend and when the time comes and that same persons lets you down when you need them the most or .They do something you never thought they would do or capable of doing then the trust is broken as i refer to a quote

from Don Michael Corleone when his brother betrays him

I know it was you .You break my heart

So the basics are trust is delicate without the ideal conditions it wouldnt thrive and the relation whoever it is doomed to fail