Strength not weekend “Thelonious”

Taken from the 100

Strength not weekend by the sentiment is real strength

Well what kind of strength was Thelonious talking when he didnt wanted sentiment in it in our daily life we have people that we share bond with friends neighbors family etc you see a friend asked you to do his assignment and you cant afford to waste time on someone elses assignment but he is your friend you nod your head and say sure np its done dont worry about it

But in real you wanted to say Dude i donot have time to do your assignment

Now you lack strength to state the obvious their is a difference in how you feel inside and how you express  it why that happened why weren’t you able to say what you wanted to say that is weakness of sentiment that is found in everyone of us

Always state the obvious its good to let someone know your not going do their assignment rather then letting them know by themself when deadline is near and you havent done anything dont just say what people wanted to hear have a good one PEACE

One decision doesn’t “Kane”

Taken from the 100

One decision doesn’t define a man

Every day every day we are making decisions what to wear what to eat what to do in our spare time .To whom should i spend time and to whom should i cutoff my ties what should i study millions of other decisions that we make every day without even knowing we are making decisions .

Our decisions how small or large or small they are they affect us in every day of life if you made a decision to sleep late and didn’t wake up early in the marking you missed the class a simple decision led to your absentee in class

One decision does not define a man it means that we all make decisions that we regret knowingly or unknowingly .If you didnt study for one test and failed even your a good student then that test doesnot define you thats a one time thing that happened .One cannot judge itself by result of one event if you keep bunking classes or failing tests then their is something wrong with the way you study or you dont study at all have a good one PEACE

A wise person “Fives”

Taken from Star wars

A wise person benefits from a second opinion

Now a days no one has any tolerance of someones opinion people would become furious over someones opinion we all have our opinions and its very difficult to change someone else opinion of something

And a person who knows that no one is perfect that person will benefit from a second opinion .If you have done a project and showed it to friend of yours and that friend took out some mistakes and give you actually good opinion and advice on how you could improve you should accept it that is a symbol of wisdom instead of bashing your friend saying who gives you authority to judge my project

Always remember only opinions that benefit you should be taken in to account people who give you opinion to lower yourself degrade you or show you contempt shrug off those opinions because those people dont have anything better then  speaking ill of you

Improve yourself by positive opinions of others and leave those who give you ill opinions  have a good one PEACE

Be afraid “Lord Robb Stark”

Taken from Game of Thrones

Be afraid but dont be stupid

Well allot of people disagree on that .You may have read many stories of brave people and their adventures but in real life if you have any sense you would realize how real these words are that were spoken by Lord Rob Stark

Be afraid but dont be stupid it doesnt mean you are a coward if your afraid of something we all are afraid of something inside even if we say we arent on outside

Take an example of why you lock your door when you sleep at night your afraid that you might loose you valuables or someone might rob you right ?? Or why would you study because your afraid if you dont keep up with the knowledge of today you might not get job you see their is a reason we all are little afraid of future ,decisions,incidents  its normal we are programmed that way .

So next time when your getting yourself in to something take precautions why you have to take precautions because your not stupid bravery cannot be applied to everything sometimes your precautions are your bravery have a good one and PEACE

Fear makes most trusting people “Obi Wan Kenobi”

Taken from Star wars The Clone Wars

Fear makes most trusting people irrational

The wise words of how people become irrational when they feel the fear .Fear is the tense feeling of anxiousness that make your heart beat faster when something that you do not desire happens or about to happen  .

When that state appears human don’t think with reason they make decisions they are about to regret in a little while .Ever remember that your doing something you shouldn’t do and your getting that pain feeling in stomach that’s called fear many types of fear exist no matter who we are we all are afraid of something  and when fear hits us it makes most trusting people do irrational things .Take an example of your good friend you two were sitting side by side in examination hall and he asked you to write an answer for a question on his answer sheet and you panicked and said No ? Why did you say No to your friend because The fear of loosing your exam and getting in to a cheating case is greater then loyalty to your friend. You see you didnt do anything wrong Your friend didnt study enough and he was afraid to fail at that certain moment and asked you a very irrational request. which you didnt fullfill .Now if you have a calm friend he will understand he asked an irrational thing from you and if he is blaming you for his ill performance then he isnt your friend at all Be rational be calm and Have a good one PEACE

A man is never to weak “Doctore Oenamaus”

Taken from Spartacus

A man is never to weak or wounded to fight if the cause is greater then his own life

Everything is achievable if you stop being lazy and accept the responsibility for your work and set your priorites staraight  the only thing that’s between you and your goals is the story you keep telling yourself why you  cant do it as Doctore Oenamaus was a Gaul Gladiator in Roman Empire a slave he trained other warriors

He used to motivate his students that your never to weak or wounded your never tired or you say you have done enough work for a day if your goal is greater then your life .Its a simple rule you see those successful people in world and think why your not one of them yet they created something that was not present in this world before

A Search Engine

A Social Platform

An Operating System

Whatever your goals are plan ahead dont be lazy work on them and you will succeed one day  keep working and have a good one PEACE

No one knows what will happen “Mr Eko”

Taken from The lost

No one knows what will happen thats why its called leap of faith or lack of expectation

Ever been in to a condition where you dont know whats going to happen next .We all get in to these  situations once in a while where we just cant predict the outcome Why we cant predict it because its not in our hands that what will happen next .

Will someone steal your money ? Will someone betray you ? Will someone close to you die in next week or today or in next hour ? hell these are questions that are related to probability of things that can happen to you at any time of day sweet science but as Mr Eko said .

We cannot know for sure what the future holds if we know the thrill and suspense would be gone .Now their could be 2 reasons you think something cant happen .Your lack of expectation . You work hard and you give the best exams you could give and your still like

nahh i may pass or not there your lacking the power of expectation .You gave your 100%  and your still not sure you will pass ? Why either you have screwed with the Teacher or you dont know how to attempt an exam

Leap of faith means attempting something whose outcome is not sure we all are uncertain of outcomes of our actions most of time whatever your doing prepare your best and take that leap of faith because thats how you would know what future holds for you have a good one PEACE

Wherever someone thinks “Naruto”

Taken from Naruto

Wherever someone thinks of you its the place you have to go back to ,Its the place called home

Well a home isn’t  just a roof over your head or where you just sleep .It is a place where someone cares about you think about you lives  its a place with million of memories ,A place where you spent your childhood day in and day out .Your Mother Father ,Siblings these are all those relations to whom you have to go back where at dinner you sit along with each other and think We are blessed to have each other

When your tired of everyday routines and then you come back where your parents and everyone you hold dear to heart lives .This lights you up from inside so enjoy those dinners and breakfasts as long as you can because someday you will be in your 70s and your parents wont be their and maybe your siblings would also be gone and you will sit in on the same spot where your Parents sat and cherish those memories with watery eyes and going down a memory lane of your life with the words whispering in your ears Wherever someone thinks you its the place you have to go back to ,Its the place called home