No one knows what will happen “Mr Eko”

Taken from The lost

No one knows what will happen thats why its called leap of faith or lack of expectation

Ever been in to a condition where you dont know whats going to happen next .We all get in to these  situations once in a while where we just cant predict the outcome Why we cant predict it because its not in our hands that what will happen next .

Will someone steal your money ? Will someone betray you ? Will someone close to you die in next week or today or in next hour ? hell these are questions that are related to probability of things that can happen to you at any time of day sweet science but as Mr Eko said .

We cannot know for sure what the future holds if we know the thrill and suspense would be gone .Now their could be 2 reasons you think something cant happen .Your lack of expectation . You work hard and you give the best exams you could give and your still like

nahh i may pass or not there your lacking the power of expectation .You gave your 100%  and your still not sure you will pass ? Why either you have screwed with the Teacher or you dont know how to attempt an exam

Leap of faith means attempting something whose outcome is not sure we all are uncertain of outcomes of our actions most of time whatever your doing prepare your best and take that leap of faith because thats how you would know what future holds for you have a good one PEACE

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