Fear makes most trusting people “Obi Wan Kenobi”

Taken from Star wars The Clone Wars

Fear makes most trusting people irrational

The wise words of how people become irrational when they feel the fear .Fear is the tense feeling of anxiousness that make your heart beat faster when something that you do not desire happens or about to happen  .

When that state appears human don’t think with reason they make decisions they are about to regret in a little while .Ever remember that your doing something you shouldn’t do and your getting that pain feeling in stomach that’s called fear many types of fear exist no matter who we are we all are afraid of something  and when fear hits us it makes most trusting people do irrational things .Take an example of your good friend you two were sitting side by side in examination hall and he asked you to write an answer for a question on his answer sheet and you panicked and said No ? Why did you say No to your friend because The fear of loosing your exam and getting in to a cheating case is greater then loyalty to your friend. You see you didnt do anything wrong Your friend didnt study enough and he was afraid to fail at that certain moment and asked you a very irrational request. which you didnt fullfill .Now if you have a calm friend he will understand he asked an irrational thing from you and if he is blaming you for his ill performance then he isnt your friend at all Be rational be calm and Have a good one PEACE

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