Be afraid “Lord Robb Stark”

Taken from Game of Thrones

Be afraid but dont be stupid

Well allot of people disagree on that .You may have read many stories of brave people and their adventures but in real life if you have any sense you would realize how real these words are that were spoken by Lord Rob Stark

Be afraid but dont be stupid it doesnt mean you are a coward if your afraid of something we all are afraid of something inside even if we say we arent on outside

Take an example of why you lock your door when you sleep at night your afraid that you might loose you valuables or someone might rob you right ?? Or why would you study because your afraid if you dont keep up with the knowledge of today you might not get job you see their is a reason we all are little afraid of future ,decisions,incidents  its normal we are programmed that way .

So next time when your getting yourself in to something take precautions why you have to take precautions because your not stupid bravery cannot be applied to everything sometimes your precautions are your bravery have a good one and PEACE