A wise person “Fives”

Taken from Star wars

A wise person benefits from a second opinion

Now a days no one has any tolerance of someones opinion people would become furious over someones opinion we all have our opinions and its very difficult to change someone else opinion of something

And a person who knows that no one is perfect that person will benefit from a second opinion .If you have done a project and showed it to friend of yours and that friend took out some mistakes and give you actually good opinion and advice on how you could improve you should accept it that is a symbol of wisdom instead of bashing your friend saying who gives you authority to judge my project

Always remember only opinions that benefit you should be taken in to account people who give you opinion to lower yourself degrade you or show you contempt shrug off those opinions because those people dont have anything better then  speaking ill of you

Improve yourself by positive opinions of others and leave those who give you ill opinions  have a good one PEACE

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