Strength not weekend “Thelonious”

Taken from the 100

Strength not weekend by the sentiment is real strength

Well what kind of strength was Thelonious talking when he didnt wanted sentiment in it in our daily life we have people that we share bond with friends neighbors family etc you see a friend asked you to do his assignment and you cant afford to waste time on someone elses assignment but he is your friend you nod your head and say sure np its done dont worry about it

But in real you wanted to say Dude i donot have time to do your assignment

Now you lack strength to state the obvious their is a difference in how you feel inside and how you express  it why that happened why weren’t you able to say what you wanted to say that is weakness of sentiment that is found in everyone of us

Always state the obvious its good to let someone know your not going do their assignment rather then letting them know by themself when deadline is near and you havent done anything dont just say what people wanted to hear have a good one PEACE

One decision doesn’t “Kane”

Taken from the 100

One decision doesn’t define a man

Every day every day we are making decisions what to wear what to eat what to do in our spare time .To whom should i spend time and to whom should i cutoff my ties what should i study millions of other decisions that we make every day without even knowing we are making decisions .

Our decisions how small or large or small they are they affect us in every day of life if you made a decision to sleep late and didn’t wake up early in the marking you missed the class a simple decision led to your absentee in class

One decision does not define a man it means that we all make decisions that we regret knowingly or unknowingly .If you didnt study for one test and failed even your a good student then that test doesnot define you thats a one time thing that happened .One cannot judge itself by result of one event if you keep bunking classes or failing tests then their is something wrong with the way you study or you dont study at all have a good one PEACE