Stay in your “Kevin Hart”

Taken from a stand up comedy of Kevin Hart

Stay in your financial lane

Humans are complex beings they have this urge to show off to the people around them its programmed that way and most of us never try to control how much of a childish and ridiculous that habit is comparing your self to others trying to keep up with them

As kevin Hart said remember your finance show much you can afford and how much can you afford to spend it is nice to have a little backup plan in case of something tragic happens instead of ripping apart your finances and when you need some extra money you realize that you spent on something that you didn’t needed and now you have to ask someone for money your relatives your brother .Its never a good feeling when you borrow from someone

Always remember to stay in your financial lane dont be a miser also but spend to tend your needs dont be extravagant as bad times dont come with a knock have a good one PEACE

I aint going to “ICE CUBE”

Taken from a conversation of ICE CUBE when someone asked him about the death of Jerry Heller with whom ICE CUBE didnt have any good relations he said

I aint gonna pop a champagne but i aint gonna shed a tear either it is what it is we come to go

Well it is universal truth we come to go otherwise if we were immortals Earth would be overpopulated centuries ago with billions of people roaming around its a nature way to make room for the new livings

Over death of someone you love or hate you dont have to cry a river or throw negative remarks i am not saying you have to be emotionless .Their is no point in crying or throwing hate at a dead body whoever that person was he/she was an organic being. and just like any organic being our organs have an expiry date and when that date comes we have to move away from this world to decompose in the grave so if someone close passed away cheer that they lived and shared moments with you and someone with whom you had tense relations died well he is gone for good so hold your PEACE and have a good one

And tomorrow i will wake up “Muhammad Ali”

Taken from One of the best inspirational Athletes in the world the Greatest of All time Muhammad Ali after losing to someone in a boxing match

And tomorrow i will wake up and start over again and its never to late to start over again never forget that

Those words if taken in to action can create a human who knows FAIL means first attempt in learning you dont have to cry at night if you fail at something world is cruel and the world owes you nothing you yourself have to earn it by  trying yourself

So if you fail ,loose something remember those words. Why did Muhammad Ali said tomorrow i will wake up why not start today because when you face a failure your judgement is clouded your decisions are blind mostly so take a deep breath calculate what you did wrong instead of mourning what has happened concentrate on why that happened and then create a plan how you will avoid that particular kind of failure,loss again  so take a deep breath take a nap calculate why it happened and improve have a good one PEACE

You cant hangout “Kevin Hart”

Taken from a standup comedy of Kevin Hart

You cant hang out with everybody

Well as humans we are social animals who lives in groups families, friends  and their are people in your lives right now as you pass through the time and move forward every year you meet new people you loose touch with old ones and you find new people now here right now you have people in your life that are dear to you

Their is a certain rule that you cant hangout with everybody just like you cant please every one just like not every person who shakes your hand is your friend

Their are people who are bad influence,people who try to put you down ,people who want to make you feel low those are the negative type of people and as kevin hart mentioned you cant hangout with these type of people as they will try to suck the happiness out of you stay blessed learn to say No to those kind of people and dont let them control you or feel you bad for their words and have a Good one PEACE

Live through “Yoda”

Taken from star wars

Live through the living

The words stress on a natural phenomena when someone dies anyone close to you we feel devastated for a few weeks months we miss or lack the presence of that person that one walked on this earth now that person is 6ft under the ground

After a few time you rarely remember that person who is dead why because your brain is programmed to live through the living if you keep holding on to death of someone you wont be able to go forward for rest of your life we are organic beings as with time our organs get tired after 60 70 years they stop working on average and we are gone

So before our heart stops pumping blood in to rest of your body smile look at your surroundings whats dead is dead remember them cheer the times you spend with the people who are gone and be thankfull for the people who are around you live through the Living friend have a good one PEACE


If you dont do it “CA Teacher”

Deduced from our first lecture in Computer Architecture

If you dont do it step by step your doomed

Humans have this tendency to be impatient we all want to get the desired results in anything we do if we are a student we want straight A’s in exams if we are doing a job we want maximum benefits of that job

But their is a process in how to get straight A’s or how you get the maximum benefits from a job .IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR QUALIFICATION .What is a qualified person a person who followed all the steps for a particular task

If you are a student to get the maximum result you have to fill in all the steps revise every lecture do your work dont be dependent on others to do your tasks  see if your not doing any of these steps and day dream about getting A’s i bet you wont even survive in that subject in other words your doomed so perform every step of your goal completely and  results would be same as you desired  thats how the computer architecture works and thats how a human architecture works in general have a good one PEACE


You hesitated “Raven”

Taken from the 100

You hesitated about something that could blow you up but you didnt hesitated about helping someone who had a deadly virus

We all hesitate sometimes even we try to hide it or not thats in our nature to double think about things we are about to do this quote is taken from a conversation between two friends Finn and Raven

You see we all take risks in our daily life whether you see them or not their are times when you have to do something and you hesitate to do it because of outcome of that particular task take an example of why you hesitate to jump off your  houses roof ? because your a sane person and no sane person should be jumpin off their home roofs see how simple that is 🙂

Sometimes you have to take the risks to get what you wanted just like finn saved someone who had a deadly virus because he couldnt let someone die and that person life was precious to him so he took the risk of saving it even if it meant getting infected itself

So take risks that are worth it and have a good one Peace