If you dont do it “CA Teacher”

Deduced from our first lecture in Computer Architecture

If you dont do it step by step your doomed

Humans have this tendency to be impatient we all want to get the desired results in anything we do if we are a student we want straight A’s in exams if we are doing a job we want maximum benefits of that job

But their is a process in how to get straight A’s or how you get the maximum benefits from a job .IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR QUALIFICATION .What is a qualified person a person who followed all the steps for a particular task

If you are a student to get the maximum result you have to fill in all the steps revise every lecture do your work dont be dependent on others to do your tasks  see if your not doing any of these steps and day dream about getting A’s i bet you wont even survive in that subject in other words your doomed so perform every step of your goal completely and  results would be same as you desired  thats how the computer architecture works and thats how a human architecture works in general have a good one PEACE


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